Little Ripper Life Saver | The Ripper Group
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The Ripper Group

The Ripper Group has established a number of commercial UAV businesses recognising that UAV and related payload technologies are economic gamechangers, transforming the way business is done.


With the capabilities and benefits of UAV’s now getting the attention of industries worldwide, the Ripper Group has positioned itself to meet the growing demand for commercial UAV services. In doing so, the Group has assessed the UAV application opportunities and technology needs across a diverse range of industries and is progressively rolling out services to capture the opportunities.


Falling costs for the aerial vehicles, the sensors and other payload technologies, and improved performance of battery and other propulsion technologies will also give additional momentum to the take up of commercial UAV applications.


The Ripper Group and other UAV operators in Australia are also benefitting from UAV regulations and laws that are reasonably supportive of commercial operations and importantly distinguish between commercial and recreational use.


Our Focus


Consequently, in the rapidly growing, but early stage, commercial UAV industry, we will continue to invest in our capabilities while also looking to build strong collaborative partnerships around UAV and payload technologies and to pursuing co-operative initiatives with other providers.


In the following pages, we set out information on The Ripper Group’s current capabilities and the portfolio of business operations that we have identified and are proceeding to address.

Our Partners

Our partners have allowed Little Ripper Lifesaver to rapidly progress on its core mission to save lives and to establish a globally groundbreaking UAV based search and rescue service.