Little Ripper Life Saver | First for School UAV training – The Southport School and Westpac Little Ripper Partnership
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First for School UAV training – The Southport School and Westpac Little Ripper Partnership

The Southport School has partnered with the Westpac Little Ripper Group to offer students their Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s Remote Pilot Licence.

Year 12 Engineering Technology students undertake various modules in Engineering areas. This year in a progressive move,   term 1’s module is based on Aeronautical Engineering and specifically Drones will see 7 students study the subjects in a groundbreaking opportunity. Through Westpac Little Ripper’s CASA approved training course, TSS can now offer an ‘in house’ theory modules.

The school’s Engineering Technology teacher, Mark Lockett is thrilled to be part of this initiative. “With this exciting new partnership TSS can provide the opportunity for students to sit their theory and practical flight exams and obtain their Remote Pilot License whilst at school”, he said.

The team assembled to deliver this educational first include, Westpac Little Ripper’s CEO, Eddie Bennet, a 35-year veteran with extensive experience in multiple Search and Rescue roles at a national level including the Westpac Helicopter Rescue Service as the State Aerial Services Officer. Little Ripper’s Chief Operations Officer, Ben Trollope is a TSS old boy and provides practical flight and mechanical service training, and assistance from TSS staff member and drone guru, Dan Trollope and also former TSS student, the team will bring ‘state of the art’ knowledge and many years of experience to assist our students with their Remote Pilot certification.

The Southport School and Westpac Little Ripper are proud to be the first in Queensland to offer a school based Remote Pilot licence course.

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