Little Ripper Life Saver | LiDAR
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Light Imaging, Detection and Ranging

High-definition LiDAR multi-spectral and photographic capabilities are utilised to collect georeferenced data that informs stakeholders through:

  • Feature identification, delineation & inspection
  • Digital elevation modelling and topographic contouring
  • 3D model rendering and visualisation
  • Volumetric analysis
  • Flood risk and view-shed analysis

Rhino Imaging has recently joined forces with Little Ripper Lifesaver to provide advanced LiDAR services featuring:

  • 32 Laser System with +10° to –30° (x360°) Field of View
  • ± 2 cm INS Accuracy at 10Hz
  • Class 1 Laser (Eye Safe) / = 905 nm, with a range of 1–80 m, and distance resolution of 2 cm
  • 700k+ points/sec data acquisition rate
  • ASCII PLY, Binary PLY, LAS 1.4 and XYZ Intensity Point Cloud Export Formats