Little Ripper Life Saver | RealSense
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Industry leading collision avoidance

Little Ripper Lifesaver with the assistance of Intel, will trial state-of-the-art collision avoidance technology and algorithms for UAVs.

Following Intel’s investment in German based Ascending Technologies, Intel’s RealSense cameras have been combined with Ascending Technologies’ auto pilot system to deliver a new level of UAV collision avoidance technology which is very important for BVLOS operations.

Key features of the technology include:

  • Intel’s RealSense camera module, which weighs as little as 8 grams and is less than 4mm thick, provides depth perception to UAVs with minimal impact to payload and flight times
  • Ascending Technologies’ expertise with auto pilot, inertial sensor and fusion algorithms integrate with Intel’s RealSense camera module to bring a new level of intelligence and self-awareness to the UAV ecosystem
  • The 360° depth cameras, powerful microprocessors and smart algorithms provide the UAV’s brain visional information about its surrounding area. With this computer vision, UAVs can leave their GPS-based, waypoint automated world to autonomously explore the real world in three dimensions
  • The obstacle avoidance technology adding a new level of safety to future UAVs with sensor rings with 6 Intel RealSense cameras providing UAVs with a 360° sensor view